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Data Management | Databases | Data science | Machine Learning | Software engineering



Here are the services we offer.
The human writes the programs and the computer calculates.
And the cat uses the keyboard as a piano.


Planning, design, creation, installation, monitoring of relational and NoSQL databases.

Machine Learning

Development of computer programs for computers to access data and learn automatically from them without human intervention, for example computer vision or natural language processing.

Software engineering

Software to interact with databases or datasets as well as microservices applications or monolithic websites

Data Management

Acquiring, cleaning, storing, processing and protecting data to ensure their availability and reliability for the users to conduct their business.

Data Science

The first goal is to understand your business needs and evaluate which data you have access to. Then, the use of tools, software and algorithms will get insights for you to share with the appropriate stakeholders.


Hi! We are DataResp

DataResp is composed of two entities: one is made of silicon, one is made of carbon

This unbreakable team works remotely as a freelance data scientist, data developer and software engineering developer.

It particularly enjoys data visualization, deep learning and databases. It thinks that TensorFlow, Spark and Watson are real fun. It uses Python, Java, NodeJs or Php as programmimg languages and most of the main databases.

Data are everywhere and we could get significantly more insights from them. Particularly insights companies need for achieving their business goals.
We can do amazing things with Machine Learning. It doesn't mean it's magical. Substantial preparation and work are needed. Furthermore, we should never forget data security and always have adversarial examples in mind.